About Us

What We Do At Fastrexs

Crafted with Love

We are a local based delivery company, that has ambitions to be the best among the best.
Managed by a well-experienced leader, we strive to go further in branding our service in Malaysia and one day throughout Asia.


The major pandemic of Covid 19 has resulted a huge amount of unemployment issue in Malaysia.
This is where three best friends came up with an idea of creating a business opportunity for those who were affected.
Thus, FASTREXS was born with a mission ; to generate an income opportunity.


A user, a merchant, or even as a rider, we at FASTREXS are providing the way to earn money for
the lowest possible cost with our low percentage of charges. With the compliance of sharia and
the most affordable toll as our backbone, we can deliver the best service to you.

Organizational Chart

Top Management

Admin & Legal Department

Planning & IT Department

Operation & Business Development Department

Warehouse Department

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