Kofei is a premium coffee that you can enjoy anywhere at a bargain price.  We also have non-coffee options that definitely will quench your thirst. Grab yours now!

Signature Kofei Flavours

Latte Kofei Premium 
RM 8.90

Iced Caramel Macchiatto 
RM 9.00

Choc Kofei Premium 
RM 8.90

Iced Latte
RM 8.00

Iced Americano
RM 7.00

Ice Blended

Creamy Berries
RM 9.90

Cookies & Cream
RM 10.90

Snowhite Kofei
RM 10.90

Chocovilla Vibes 
RM 10.90

Matcha Creme 
RM 11.90

Creamy Biscoff Frappe
Coming Soon!

Signature Hot Kofei

Kofei Cappucino
RM 5.90

Kofei Latte
RM 5.90

Kofei Choc
RM 5.90

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